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Classroom Procedures & Expectations

Agenda Books 
  • Your child will receive an agenda book on the first day of school. Each day your child will write homework assignments, weekly spelling lists, and other last minute information in this book.
  • There is a place in the book for your daily signature to let me know you are aware of assignments and what is happening at school. The agenda book is a good way for us to correspond as needed.
  • Anytime your child is absent a note of explanation is required for the office. *This note goes to the office, so please make sure it is written on a separate sheet of paper, not in your child’s agenda book.    *If you e-mail an excuse please send it directly to
  • Tardies-The school day begins promptly @ 7:40. Please make every effort to have your child here on time or he/she will miss important instructional time. All students arriving after the 7:30 bell must check in at the office.
  • If you know ahead of time of about extended absences, arrangements must be made through the office. The paperwork for this absence may be found on-line at
  • All medications, including over the counter medications such as cough drops, must be turned in to the nurse in the original container, with a note of dosage requirements. The nurse who is from the Health Department is the only person who can give your child’s medication.
  • Medications given at home such as cough or cold medicines may also may your child drowsy or excitable, so please keep us informed so we can meet your child’s needs.

  • MONEY-When sending money for any reason, please send it in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and purpose written on it. PLEASE do not send loose money for anything. If you allow your child to purchase snacks from the cafeteria, please have them use the lunch account money for that to prevent possible opportunities to lose money. 
  • Please send a note on a separate piece of paper (not in your child’s agenda book) if your child is to get home differently than his/her normal daily routine*Without a note, your child will follow the regular routine. 
  •  The note needs to have the exact address as to where your child will get off the bus. You must also include: your signature, the date(s) of the bus changes and a phone number where we can reach you on this particular day. 
Special Events
  • If you have any events going on that may affect your child’s work or behavior at school, please let us know. Family circumstances such as death, illness, and new births often have an impact on your child’s learning.
 T.E.A.M. Teaching (Together Everyone Achieves More)
Research shows students benefit in a “team” setting.
  • Mrs. Fowler, Mrs. Culbertson, and Mrs. Warner will be team teaching. This means that while your child is in one homeroom, they will receive core math instruction with Mrs. Fowler, reading instruction from Mrs. Culbertson, and science and social studies from Mrs. Warner.
  • We want our students to be comfortable. Please know that we spend some time doing physical activity as well as small-group time on the floor. We also use dry erase markers and marker-boards daily. 
  • When a child brings books that belong to Mapleton it’s his/her responsibility. If the books are lost or damaged you will be asked to pay for their replacement. 
  • Please take note of schedule of special classes so you know our class library day and remember to have your child’s book ready to return. Your child will not be allowed to check out another book until the one that is missing is returned or reimbursed.
 Contacting the Teacher
  • We are always willing to speak with you about your child. In an effort to avoid interruptions during instructional time, you may send a note, call the school and leave a message for me to call you. If you are calling the office and it is very important that we return your call after school please tell the office to indicate this on the message. Also, you may e-mail me at Please realize that our students require undivided attention from the teacher; therefore, it may be necessary to contact you in the evening.
Thanks for all you do for your child! Please contact us with any questions or concerns.


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