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Title 1 Plan




Directions:  Each Schoolwide Program must be planned by the school in consultation with the District Title I Coordinator.  Attach additional pages as needed to address these sections. The plan must be kept on file in the school and district Title I office.


SCHOOL          Mapleton Elementary                                                               ALLOCATION  $ 276,482.00



1.      Needs Assessment: Describe the findings of the Consolidated Plan Comprehensive Needs Assessment.  This description of the comprehensive needs assessment of all children (including entry-level students) in the school must include:  1. Data sources used to determine trends and categories of need; 2. How are the sources related to the state standards; 3. Findings of data sources.

Community and school personnel serving on the SWP committee will be involved in assessing the needs, planning the program, and implementing a program.  They will review the Consolidated Plan.

Data sources include the CATS Performance Report, Thinklink, and the STAR Reading Test.

According to the 2008 CATS Performance Report:

·         28% of 3rd -5th graders scored Novice or Apprentice in Reading

·         30% of 3rd -5th graders scored Novice or Apprentice in Math

·         43% of 4th graders scored Novice or Apprentice on On-Demand Writing

·         23% of 4th graders scored Novice or Apprentice in Science

·         42% of 5th graders scored Novice or Apprentice in Social Studies


       Mapleton students were administered the Thinklink Predictive test in the fall, winter, and spring for the 2008-2009 school year.


2009-2010 Mapleton Think Link Results

**ThinkLink Tables were too large to insert on Webpage- Please request copy of results from Laura Caudill-Mapleton Title 1 Coordinator



The STAR Reading test was administered Fall 2009 and Spring 2010



Fall Average Grade Equivalent

Spring Average Grade Equivalent


















The  T-Pro (Test of Primary Reading Outcomes) was administered to grades K-3 September 2009 and April 2010.


Schoolwide Reform Strategies.  (Describe strategies that provide opportunities for all children to meet the State’s proficient and advanced levels of student academic achievement.  Describe effective methods and instructional strategies that are based on scientifically-based research that strengthen the core academic program in the school; increase the amount and quality of learning time such as providing and extended school year and before and after school and summer programs and opportunities; help provide an enriched and accelerated curriculum; and strategies for meeting the educational needs of historically underserved population)


The proven, researched based strategies we are implementing include the Accelerated Reader program, the Early Success Intervention program, Early Reading Intervention, Harcourt Intervention Program, and the Soar to Success Intervention program. The Accelerated Reader program allows students to reach individual goals with books on their instructional reading level.  Early Success, Early Reading, and Soar to Success intervention programs involve small group reading instruction provided to students of greatest need. The instruction is intensive and scaffolded with on-going progress monitored throughout the year.        


The E.S.S. Daytime Wavier Program has allowed many students to be served one on one with the Great Leaps Program to increase reading fluency.


A 90 minute literacy block has been established to include the components of writing, guided reading, shared reading, and working with words. Within these blocks researched based instructional strategies will be incorporated to meet the need of all learners.


Read to Achieve (RTA) Reading Intervention program provides Tier 2 (pull-out Supplemental) and Tier 3 (intensive Pull-out) services to K-3.


The Headsprout Reading’s and Orchard computer programs provided individualized reading instruction and skill enrichment. 


After-school ESS provided 6 week sessions for reading and math instruction.  Accelerated Math , Orchard Reading, STARFALL and Everyday Math programs were utilized.

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