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Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy

Mapleton  Elementary School



Expectations for Parent Involvement

 Mapleton Elementary has adopted the following parent involvement policy and plan.  This policy and the plan have been developed in agreement with parents and has been reviewed and revised by members of the Parent Involvement Committee.   It will be distributed annually to all parents.

 All comments indicating parent’ dissatisfaction with the Title 1 Plan shall be collected and submitted along with the plan to the Kentucky Department of Education.  Likewise, all comments indicating parents’ dissatisfaction with the schoolwide plan shall be collected and submitted along with the plan to the local education agency.

 Mapleton Elementary School shall offer a flexible number of meetings to parents and may provide transportation, childcare, and home visits where appropriate.

 Parents shall be provided:

*Timely information and opportunities to attend regular meetings.

*School performance profiles and their child’s individual assessment

results, including an interpretation of results. (Parents may also request

timely information and guidance as to how to assist in their child’s school performance.)

*A description and explanation of the school curriculum, assessment and

proficiency levels

*A timely response to any parent suggestions.


Shared Responsibility For High Student Performance


Mapleton Elementary has jointly developed with parents, for all students, a parent-school learning compact  
                      that describes:

*The school’s responsibility to provide high quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment that will enable students to meet the state’s academic expectations;

                                *Ways in which each parent will be responsible for supporting his/her child’s learning;

*The ongoing communication between parents and teachers through parent-teacher conferences, provision of progress reports to parents, reasonable access to staff, the opportunity to observe classroom activities and opportunities to volunteer and participate in their child’s class.


Building Capacity For Involvement

Mapleton Elementary shall build the capacity for strong parent involvement by:

                *Providing assistance to parents in understanding national, state and local goals, standards and        
                  assessments;Title 1, Part A requirements; how to monitor child’s performance as well as information on how  
                  parents can participate in the education of their child

                *Providing materials and training to parents to help parents improve their child’s performance

                 *Providing workshops/meetings to familiarize parents with state, district and school level assessments

                 *Educating school staff in effective ways to reach out to, communicate with and work jointly with parents as equal  

                 *Providing and supporting a Parent Support Group and a working Volunteer Program

                 *Ensuring that all written communication sent home is in a language and form that parents can understand.  
                     This includes parents with special needs such as English as second language, visually impaired, etc.

                 *Involving parents, where appropriate, to improve instruction by utilizing their suggestions for meeting individual 
                       needs of the child

                  *Providing other assistance, as appropriate, that parents can use to learn about child development and rearing  
                    from birth, to help parents become full partners in the education of their child

                  *Developing appropriate roles for community-based organizations and businesses to assist students 
                    with real life experiences

                  *Encouraging partnerships with elementary, middle and secondary schools to ensure continuity in the  
                   educational process of the child

                  *Training and supporting parents to enhance involvement of other parents, where appropriate

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