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Headsprout Reading

                              Headsprout Early Reading Program

During the first half of Headsprout Early Reading, children learn through direct positive experience that letters and sounds go together to make words, words go together to make sentences, and sentences make stories. The basic component skills and strategies necessary for reading, such as phonemic awareness (the sounds within words), print awareness, phonics, sounding out, segmenting and blending, are explicitly mastered in a fun, self-directed manner. The second half of the program focuses more on reading vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension, while still teaching more sounds and sight words. Your child will have a fluent knowledge of more than 90 phonetic elements, more than 100 sight words, and a potential reading vocabulary of more than 5,000 words!

Headsprout Early Reading includes:

  • Individualized, adaptive instruction matches your child’s needs
  • 80 online lessons each average 20 minutes
  • 12 full-color Headsprout Readers
  • 80 “ready-to-read” printable stories
  • Printable sound and word flash cards
  • Progress Map, stickers, and Completion Certificate
  • Individualized, detailed progress reports

Mapleton Elementary Students work on the Headpsrout Early Reading episodes for 20-30 minutes 3-5 days each week.  The Intervention Lab Coordinator and ESS Assistant monitor students' daily performance and track progress by reading stories with each student.  Parents will receive print-outs of student performance.

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