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What is AR (Accelerated Reader)

                         Accelerated Reading (AR)

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a program designed to accelerate the amount of time  students spend reading.  Students take tests on the computer that ask questions about books they read at their targeted level.  Points are earned for each test that students take.  Each child has their own AR goal that they are challenged to meet!

Books in Mapleton's library have been color-coded with tape strips and dots to show their levels and AR points.  Posters are in the Library to show what each color means.

Tape Strips show the Reading Level of the books:
  • yellow= grade 1
  • blue= grade 2
  • orange= grade 3
  • green= grade 4
  • red= grade 5+

Dots (Circles) show the Number of Points the student can earn if they pass the AR test: 
  • blue= 1/2 point
  • red= 1 point
  • dark green= 2 points
  • yellow= 3 points
  • orange= 4 points
  • purple= 5 points
  • dark blue= 6 points
  • lime green= 7 points
  • black= 8 points
  • white= 9 points

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