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Behavior Plan

Mrs. Wilson’s Kindergarten Class
Behavior Management Information
Dear Parent or Guardian,                                            Aug. 20
My goal is to create an environment which is stimulating and safe for your child, this includes assisting children in making appropriate behavioral choices. The desired classroom rules hove been decided upon and discussed by the class and are posted for all to see, each child will be able to keep track of his/her personal behavior by use of a behavioral chart which is in their daily folder. lf a rule is not broken, no warning is given and the child receives a green (Go!) card for the day. lf one warning is given the child receives a yellow (Caution!) card, which is a five minute time out. lf two warnings are given, a red (Consequence!) card is received and a "Take 10 minutes off your recess" consequence is faced. lf three warnings are given the child receives a black (Stop!) card and you will be notified of the inappropriate behavior, the principal may be contacted at this time. Each child begins a new day with a green card. The children change the cards on the chart when needed. At the end of each day, children will record the color of card in their pocket on a behavior report, again which is located in their daily folder for parents to initial/sign nightly. Students with green cards all week will receive a prize/treat on Friday from my treasure box! Your assistance with behavioral expectations is critical for maintaining a positive learning environment for your child. My goal is to reward good behaviors in hopes of diffusing inappropriate behaviors.  Thank you for your support!

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