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AR: Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader Information, also called AR



The Kindergarten AR plan:


We use Accelerated Reader to help your child become a more fluent reader.  Your child will read "little books" that are sent home usually twice a week in my classroom.  You will find these "little books" in their reading book bag.  We read these books in our small reading groups,   they include our sight words for the week.  Your child should practice reading these books and will read them to me or to the assistant at school for an AR point.  Any testing outside of the classroom will not count towards their total book points.  In my classroom, when the child needs more reading practice with a paticular book, I will send it back home in their book baggie.  Please continue to practice reading the book and keep it in the baggie and I will re-test them over the book when he/she is ready.  Every Friday I re-test students over books so they may have another chance to earn their AR point over a book they needed additonal time to work on at home and at school.  One "little book" counts as one AR point.  Your child has the opportunity to earn one to two points each week.  The "little books" are the books (or folder papers) your child brings home in the book baggie.  You and your child should be reading together for 20 minutes every afternoon or night.  You will find the reading log inside the book baggie, please fill it out every time you read a story together.  The only stories/books that will count towards AR points are the little books that I send home in the baggie.  After your child has been tested (which is reading the book to me and answering 5 comprehension questions), the little book will be sent back home to keep.  Please keep all the books if you want in the baggie or at home for additional review/pratice.  

Kindergarten AR GOALS: 
1st nine week's goal:  10 little books
2nd nine week's goal: 12 little books
3rd nine weeks goal: 14 little books
4th nine week's goal: 14 little books

Year goal: 40-50 little books total (will depend on each child's goal)

Once your child reaches his/her goal, they will be rewarded 
INFO ON REWARDS will be sent home soon...

In my classroom I track all AR points using a sticker chart so the students can visually see their progress and how many AR points they have earned.  I also record all books/points on each student for the year.  

*When the student reaches his/her AR goal, then I will reward them with their prize.  At the end of the nine weeks, I will have a special party to celebrate reaching our AR goals. 

More info regarding AR will be sent home on the first day of school.  Any questions please contact me anytime. 


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