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Reading Strategies

Reading Strategies

Listen to your child read AND read to your child!
When your child gets "stuck":
1. Wait (about 5 seconds) and see if they work it out on their own.
2. Say, "Try that again."
3. Say, "Look at the picture."
4. Say, "Think what would make sense."
5. Say, "Read the sentence again and start with the tricky word."
6. Tell the word.

*What does the title tell you?
*What do you learn from the illustrations?
*What do you think will happen next? Why?
*What did you learn about the characters in the story?
*What can you tell about the setting of the story?

*What questions did you ask yourself as you were reading?

*Did you ask yourself if what you were readind made sense?
*Did you learn what you wanted to learn?
*What did you do when you didn't understand part of the story?

*What was the story mainly about?
*What were the important parts of what you read?
*What happened in the beginning? middle? end?

*How do you feel about what you read?
*Do you agree or disagree with it?
*Did you learn what you wanted to know?
*Did the author do a good job?

*When you come to a word you don't know...
1. Look carefully at the word.
2. Look for word parts you know and think about the sounds for the letters.
3. Blend the sounds to read the word.
4. Ask yourself: Is it a word I know? Does it makes sense in what I am reading?
5. If not, ask yourself: What else can I try?

Comprehension Questions:

*How are the characters alike and different?
*Retell the important events in the story.
*How did _____ feel when ____ ?
*What happened in the beginning? middle? end?
*What is the story mostly about?
*What does this story remind you of?
*What was your favorite part of the story?
*Was this story fiction or nonfiction? How do you know?

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