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Classroom Procedures/Expectations

The students will know that I have one rule, thanks to Aretha Franklin,
R- Respect one another
E- Engage and Focus
S- Show up
P- Participate
E- Expect to learn
C- Choose Excellence
T- Treat one another kindly

- The voice level students are expected to use during class.Help - The way students get help during an activity (raising hand, etc...)Activity - The activity students will participate in class.Movement - The movement allowed during the activity.Participation - All students are expected to participate in the activity. Students will be expected to follow CHAMPs expecations. Students that choose not to follow the CHAMPs model will have the following consequences:The student will pull a folder with the letter that represents the expectation that was broken. Inside the folder, students will find a letter that he/she will hand copy explaining what the expectation was and how he/she will correct it for the following class.

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