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Mapleton's Rules and Expectations


Mapleton's Rules and Expectations

Behavior and Discipline

Guidelines to Success:
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Positive
Be Your Best



Students will begin each school day with a "clean slate". (green)
After an initial warning, if a student behaves inappropriately, the following will occur:
1. Loss of recess:  Spend time in the "Quiet Room". (yellow)
2. Loss of recess and a phone call home.  Written correspondence will be made in the communication folder if a student does not have a home phone.  If the attempt to contact the parents/guardians is unsuccessful, a home visit may be made (red).
3. Referral to the Principal's Office.  The principal/assistant will determine any further action taken.

The following behaviors will result in an automatic office referral:
Physical aggression towards self or others

Leaving the classroom without permission

Restroom Rules
Use your quiet voice.
Keep hands and feet to yourself.
Flush toilets.
Wash hands.
Put trash in wastebasket.

Cafeteria Rules
Use quiet, walking feet.
Use your inside voice.
Stay in your seat.
Raise your hand if you need assistance.
Clean up your area.
Respect others.

Hallway Rules
Use quiet, walking feet.
Zero noise.
Hands by your side.
Walk in line facing forward on the right side of the hallway.

Playground Rules
Exit and enter the building quietly.
Share equipment.
Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
Use appropriate language.
Leave mulch and rocks on the ground.
Be safe.
Respect others.















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