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Classroom Rules and Consequences

Classroom Rules:

1. Listen when your teacher is talking.
2. Follow directions quickly.
3. Respect others. Respect yourself. Respect your school.
4. Raise your hand to speak and wait to be called upon.
5. Be safe. Be kind. Be honest.

In my room, I use DOJO points as a classroom management tool. You should be familiar with it from first grade. At the end of the 9 weeks, the students who earn the set amount of points get to attend a school wide reward. I give points for agendas being signed, turning in homework on time, reading logs, being a good friend, good hallway behavior, etc.  However, I can also take points away for not so good behavior. I will send home more information on this during the first full week of school. Look for it in your childs folder. 



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