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Classroom Rules


Mrs. Cockrell’s Behavior Policy


We will be switching classes for reading and math this year.  I will be teaching math and Mrs. Daniels will be teaching reading.  Writing, grammar, science, and social studies will be taught with the homeroom teacher in the afternoon time.


The classroom discipline plan will follow in alignment with the school-wide expectations.  Classroom rules will include the following:  be respectful, listen and follow directions the first time, complete all assignments on time, be prepared for class, and keep hands and feet to yourself.

Students will be using a behavior management clip chart to monitor behavior.  Students will begin the day on green and may either move the clip up (great behavior) or down (consequence) throughout the day.  As students are rewarded for good behavior, they will be awarded Dojo points (an online behavior tracking system).  Each parent will have a classroom login so you can check the points awarded.  Students receiving consequences will walk during recess (1st clip move – 5 minutes, 2nd move – 10 minutes, 3rd move – all of recess).  Students will begin each day on green and given a fresh start for the day.


Review Mrs. Daniel’s brochure for information regarding reading homework.  For math homework, students will receive a weekly math practice sheet and have a log for recording their basic multiplication facts practice.  Timed fact quizzes will be given each morning and students will record each time they master one of their multiplication facts on the class record sheet. 

This year students will have Accelerated Reader (AR) and Accelerated Math (AM) objectives each nine weeks.  Additional information will be sent home after school begins. 


If you EVER have a concern or a question, don’t hesitate to give me a call or email me.  I check email regularly throughout the day and evening.  My planning time each day is 11:10-12:00.  Students will also be expected to write down all assignments and important information in their agenda.  Please take time to check their agenda each night, and I will check it each morning in case you need to write a note to me in there as well.



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