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Bus Rules and Regulations


The cooperation of our students and their parents in ensuring that students exhibit their best

behavior will make it possible for the transportation staff to provide a safer, more efficient

program. The driver must give great attention to traffic flow, road conditions, and driving

the bus, and cannot be distracted. Parents are requested to review these expectations with

their children.


PRIOR TO LOADING (on the road and at school) AND LEAVING THE BUS

1. Wait for your bus in a safe place – well off the roadway. Arrive at your bus stop five (5) minutes ahead

of the bus.

2. Keep the roadway clear of books, clothing and other articles. Never play in the path of traffic, and stand

well away from the road when the bus approaches.

3. Do not damage property such as flowers, shrubbery, windows, fences, and other items while waiting for

the bus.

4. Avoid making excessive noise.

5. Remember that fighting at bus stops and on the way to and from school bus stops is subject to

disciplinary action (to be reported to the school principal).

6. Do not run alongside the bus when the bus is moving. Wait until the bus stops and then walk to the

door and board the bus in an ordinary manner. DO NOT push or shove!

7. Remember that pupils living on the opposite side of the road from a bus stop should wait on their side of

the road until the bus arrives and the driver gives the signal to cross ten feet in front of the bus. NEVER

cross the road in the rear of a stopped school bus.

8. Every effort must be made to eliminate students crossing any roadways. All students must wait until the

bus arrives at their stop and the driver signals the students to board. No student shall cross a highway of

three or more lanes, students are to load and unload on the side of the street on which the student lives.

9. Students are to remain in their seats until the bus has come to a complete stop before standing, entering

the aisle, and attempting to leave the bus or at their bus stop.



1. Obey the driver’s instructions. The school bus driver is in complete charge of the passengers while they

are aboard. Students shall comply fully and promptly with the driver’s instructions and without arguing

viewpoints, or being otherwise disturbing.

2. Remember that the driver has the authority to assign seats.

3. Students shall be courteous to the driver and fellow students.

4. Do not sit on books; hold them in your lap. Books and other objects cannot be piled in the aisle. Band

instruments or other large objects will be allowed aboard the bus only if the item can be held in the

student’s lap.

5. Upon boarding the bus, students shall enter in an orderly manner, be seated immediately, and remain

seated while the bus is in motion, unless given permission by the driver to do otherwise.

6. Do not extend arms, legs, or head out of the bus.

7. Refrain from talking to the driver except in an emergency. Students are to refrain from loud talking,

excessive noise, and unnecessary movement. Remember, any disturbance or confusion diverts the

driver’s attention and may result in an accident.

8. Know that pets and animals are not permitted on the bus at any time.

9. Students are not to tamper with mechanical equipment, accessories, or controls of the bus. Do not

tamper with emergency doors, fire extinguishers, or other equipment on the bus.

10. Do not mark or deface the bus. Seat coverings must not be damaged in any manner. Anyone damaging

the equipment will be subject to disciplinary action and/or restitution of damages before being permitted

to ride the bus again.

11. Do not fight or scuffle in the bus or create any loud disturbances.

12. Do not wave or shout to pedestrians or occupants of other vehicles, and DO NOT THROW OBJECTS


13. Keep the bus clean. Do not throw waste paper on the floor.

14. Remember that eating, drinking, chewing, smoking, or the use of tobacco products is not permitted on

the school bus. No cans or bottles are permitted on the bus!

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15. The use of profanity, obscene signs/gestures, illegal drugs, or alcohol on the school bus is prohibited.

16. Students shall never leave the bus through the emergency exits except during an emergency situation or

supervised evacuation drill.

17. Students are not permitted to occupy more space in a seat than needed or refuse to allow another

passenger to sit down.

18. Should the conduct of a student on the bus endanger the safety and welfare of other individuals, and the

offending student fails to cease such conduct when requested to do so by the driver, it shall be the duty

of the driver to put the offender off the bus at the first opportune moment and immediately report his

action to the Director of Transportation and Transportation Area Supervisor. This will be done only in

extreme cases and as a last resort to protect other students on the bus. The bus driver must be prepared

to justify this action to parents and school officials.

19. Students shall not have in their possession weapons or fireworks of any type, water guns, squirt bottles,

or any container of water.

20. If a student has a medical problem and is to be involved in a curricular activity, information should be

supplied to principal, teacher, and/or chaperone.

21. Passengers are permitted to leave the bus only at the regular, designated stop. Any change must be

made by the parent with a request in writing and be approved and signed by the school principal. The

principal will issue a bus pass to the driver.

22. In case of a road emergency involving the bus, or the bus and another vehicle, the students are to remain

in the bus unless given other instructions by the driver.

23. Any radio, tape, communications system that the Board shall permit to be installed on the school bus

shall be under the control of the driver. The Board shall not permit a radio, tape, or communication

system to be operated on the school bus that is not under the direct control of the driver (KRS 156.031,

Section 10).

24. Vocational, cooperative education, and other students who are transported to work sites will adhere to

the same rules and regulations set by the Board of Education.



1. The above rules and regulations apply to any trip under school sponsorship.

2. Students shall comply with requests of the chaperone appointed by the school or the driver.


1. Strings on coats, straps or backpacks may endanger the lives of students!

2. Students are subject to videotaping of activities on board the school bus!


Any student who violates these regulations shall be reported to the principal and/or assistant principal

of his/her school for disciplinary action. The disciplinary action taken will depend on the nature of

the behavior. If the behavior is severe and jeopardizes the safety and welfare of others, suspension of

riding privileges may occur with the first offense. For less serious infractions, the driver will give

two warnings to the student. Should the student’s conduct not become more acceptable after the

warnings, the driver will report the student to the principal and/or assistant principal who may

suspend the student from riding any Montgomery County bus for whatever period of time the

building administrator deems fitting and proper. Written notice of the action taken by the building

administrator shall be furnished to the parent/guardian, transportation official, and the Superintendent;

however, such notice need not precede the action of the principal and/or assistant principal.

Any complaints of students, parents, or drivers not specified in these regulations shall be reported to

the principal and/or assistant principal or transportation official.

When the parent or guardian does not support actions taken by the driver or other school employee,

the proper channel for the hearing of the issues shall be as follows:

At the request of the parent or guardian, the principal and/or assistant principal will schedule a

meeting to review the facts and hear the various viewpoints of the student, parent, and driver.

After reviewing the facts and hearing all the viewpoints, the principal and/or assistant principal

will make a decision as to the disposition of the case. Should the parent or guardian feel a fair

decision was not made, an appeal may be made as outlined in board policy.

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