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Chinese Education Program

Why Chinese?

Research has shown many benefits to teaching a foreign language to young children. Benefits include:

  • Young students learn to speak a new language more easily;
  • Students studying a foreign language have higher academic achievement;
  • And, younger students are more readily acceptable to learning about other cultures.

With the establishment of the World Language Program Review by the Kentucky Department of Education, foreign language instruction is necessary in our schools. Chinese, in particular, is gaining more attention in schools due to the growth in China’s economic and political influence.

Montgomery County Schools offers Chinese instruction to primary students, K-3, in all three elementary schools.

Our district hosts teachers from China through the Chinese Guest Teacher Program. The guest teachers serve as full-time Chinese language and culture instructors.

Since 2006, the Chinese Guest Teacher Program has served hundreds of schools and districts and reached tens of thousands of students. The program is made possible through collaboration between the College Board and Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters.

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