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Tina L. McCoy
5th Grade Teacher

Northview Elementary School

Below is general information about 5th grade- including student expectations, some procedures, schedule, and contact information.

We are looking forward to a GREAT year!


Behavior Expectations

Northview KNIGHTS Guidelines for Success

K keep hands and feet to self

N never give up

I include others

G give respect to all staff and students

H have self-control

T try my best always

S stay prepared

Because EVERY student matters and EVERY moment counts!


5th Grade Behavior Plan 




  Reminder of appropriate behavior 

  1st Mark 

  Lose 5 min of recess 


  Reminder of appropriate behavior 

  2nd Mark 

  Lose 10 min of recess 


  Reminder of appropriate behavior 

  3rd Mark 

  Three strikes, you’re out! 

     -Walk ALL of recess- 


    It is vital for parents and teachers to work together in making this year the best year possible for our students. Please encourage your child to work hard and follow the Northview Guidelines for Success.   


Things to Knowfolder.jpg

Monday/Friday Folders: Students will have completed/graded work and any letters for parents sent home every Friday in their Monday/Friday folders. Please empty the folder over the weekend, and sign and return any necessary paperwork in the folder  with your child on Monday.


Snack:  As a Learning Community, students may have a snack during the 2nd block from 10:35-10:45.  The snack must be brought from home and should be a HEALTHY  snack that can be eaten in 10 minutes- no candy please. NO FULL MEALS. Your child is allowed to have water throughout the day; all other drinks will be permitted at lunch ONLY. Please be mindful of what students are packing for a snack as we have some students with peanut allergies.snack.jpg


Agenda Books:   It is critical that students take agendas with them to all classes as this is a great way for teachers to communicate with parents.  Students will record homework assignments in their agenda books and any pertinent information needing to go home- such as vocabulary, for each subject.


Cell Phones:  Cell phones MUST be put away and kept in backpacks during the school day.  


5th Grade Daily Schedule:

7:15-8:05 Homeroom Time 

8:05-9:05 1st Period

9:05-9:15 Block 2

9:15-9:45 Reading RTI

9:45-10:35 Activity Class

10:35-11:15 Block 2 (10:35-10:45 Snack)

11:15-11:45 Math RTI

11:45-12:05 Block 3

12:05-12:30 Recess

12:30-1:00 Lunch

1:00-1:40 Block 3

1:40-2:40 Block 4

2:40-2:55 Homeroom/Agendas/Pack-Up/Read Aloud


Tina McCoy- Social Studies              


Kayla Miracle- Math                         


Chris Shaw- Writing                         


Ashlie Thompson- Reading                 


Northview Phone #: 859-497-8703

Click on my webpage link below to stay informed on class news and assignments.













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