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ASP Expectations and Procedures

Last Updated: 7/3/2018 5:10 PM


ASP Expectations and Procedures


1.      A daily ASP attendance report will be emailed to staff at 2:30pm for the following day.  A revised attendance report that includes students who are assigned to ASP after 8:30am will be emailed to staff during the course of the school day.


2.   Students must report to the ASP room when they are released from the gym in the morning at 8:15.


3.      Students must bring books, paper, pencil, and other materials to ASP.


4.      The ASP teacher will assign each student a seat.  Students will remain seated at all times; only essential movements related to the completion of assigned tasks will be allowed. 


5.     Students will be cordial and respectful while assigned to ASP.


6.      Students will not speak while in ASP unless instructed to do so by the ASP teacher.


7.      Students will not use electronic devices while assigned to ASP.


8.      Students are expected to complete all work assigned by the ASP teacher.


9.      Students will not leave the ASP room until the end of their ASP assignment.


10.  Students will have the opportunity to talk with someone in the Guidance office while assigned ASP. All counseling will take place in the ASP room.


11.  Students will not be allowed to participate in any after-school activities, such as band, athletic events or drama on day(s) they are assigned ASP.


12.  The ASP teacher will contact parent/guardian of each student assigned to ASP to discuss the student’s conduct and progress.


13.  Any violation of ASP rules will result in additional days of ASP or may result in an “Out-of-School” suspension.

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