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Return to Full In-Person Instruction on 3/22/21

As you are aware, beginning March 22, 2021, elementary and middle school students who are currently in-person utilizing the hybrid schedule will return to school 5 days per week and high school students currently in-person will return 4 days per week (with Wednesdays continuing to be a virtual instruction day for all high school students).  The 4 day week at the high school is necessary due to the number of students on virtual instruction and the fact that most high school teachers are teaching both in-person and virtual students for every class.  The 4-day week also allows us to match with the schedule at the Montgomery County ATC while also providing the human resources needed to continue to provide nutritious meals for our virtual students.

We understand families may want to choose a different option of student learning due to the Board’s decision to increase our in-person instructional days. It is important for families to understand that a switch from in-person instruction to virtual learning or from virtual learning to in-person instruction may result in a change of teacher, class, or schedule for your child.

Students requesting to switch from in-person instruction to virtual learning:
Please contact the school your child attends to make the request to switch from in-person instruction to virtual instruction as soon as possible.

Students requesting to switch from virtual learning to in-person instruction:
Families of elementary students have already been given the option to return to in-person instruction at the 9-week grading period break.  However, if you are the parent of a middle school (McNabb) or high school (MCHS) student who is currently in virtual only instruction and you would like for your child to switch back to 5-day in-person instruction at McNabb or 4-day in-person instruction at MCHS, please complete the survey below by Tuesday, March 9, 2021 at 8:00 pm.  Survey link:

Once we determine how many students wish to switch to in-person instruction, we will also determine what changes need to be made at the schools and a date that the switch will be allowed to occur.  It is possible that this start date for virtual students wishing to switch to in-person will be after the March 22, 2021 return date for students who are already currently attending in-person.

We thank you for your ongoing patience as we move through this complex switching process.  If you have any questions, please contact your child’s school.

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