Music Class Management Plan

The following are the procedures and expectations for Mr. Fonda’s Music class.


Music Class Rules

1.      Listen when others are talking.

2.      Follow directions.

3.      Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

4.      Always give your best effort, 100%.

5.      Show respect for personal and school property.

6.      Work and play in a safe manner.


Procedure upon entering classroom – 1st grade – 4th grade

1.      Enter the room quietly.

2.      Make a circle with or without holding hands.

3.      Drop hands.

4.      Sit down criss-cross.

5.      Level 0 voices.


Procedure upon entering classroom – Kindergarten

1.      Students line up single file, outside of classroom.

2.      Face the wall.

3.      Hold hands with both of our friends.

4.      Turn eyes and toes to front. (Mr. Fonda does toe check)

5.      Follow the leader into the classroom.

6.      Students make a circle.

7.      Drop hands.

8.      Sit down criss-cross.

9.      Level 0 voices.


Procedure for exiting classroom

1.      Students line up at fine (fee-nay). Fine is the cat by the door. In Music, fine means the end.

2.      When the door goes open, the mouth goes closed.


Procedure for sharing/listening

1.      Raise your hand and wait to be called on.

2.      We listen with our mouths closed and our ears open!

3.      Eyes and Ears on speaker.


Discipline procedure

1.      Students are given strikes for unacceptable behavior.

2.      The third strike results in loss of recess.