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Course Syllabus

Digital Literacy
Montgomery County High School
Business Department
Instructor:    Mrs. Sherrie Witt Adams
Phone:         (859) 497-8765
Email:          sherrie.adams@montgomery.kyschools.us
Grade level:   9-12
Course description: This course is designed to further provide an understanding of computer concepts and technology and its use in business settings. Business applications covered are presentation graphics, word processing, spreadsheets, and databases. Hands-on experience will be provided on networked computers using Microsoft Office 2013 Professional including PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Access. Micro Type 5.0 Applications will develop the touch system of keying with added emphasis on the development of proper keyboarding techniques, speed and accuracy.
Course Outcomes:
The primary objective is to help students develop a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and applications for computers. After completing this course students should know how to:
1.      Use Microsoft Office 2013 Professional applications and new Apple Ipad 2 technology.
2.      Apply the programs to activities and applications in the student textbook.
3.      Use the computer for business, career, personal, and school projects.
4.      Use the World Wide Web for problem solving projects.
5.    Demonstrate keyboard techniques
Evaluation/Grading Scale:
Grade Breakdown
Keyboarding Technique
Timed Writings
Conditioning Practices/Lessons
Class Participation
Total points system will be used for grading.
        A                 90 – 100
        B                 80 – 89
        C                 70 – 79
        D                 60 – 69
        F                 50 and below
I will not accept late assignments. You will have ample time to complete these assignments during the week. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO COMPLETE YOUR WORK BY THE DUE DATE. If you have an excused absence on the due date, I will extend the due by the number of days missed. If you have a legitimate reason for missing more than 2 classes during the week, come see me. 
Successful completion of this course will be extremely difficult without daily practice, and reinforcement of correct techniques. I will be following our attendance policy regarding receiving a credit for this course.
Students who have been absent for legitimate reasons will be allowed a reasonable amount of time to make up work missed while they were absent.  Upon returning to school, it is the STUDENTS responsibility to get missed assignments. STUDENTS WITH UNEXCUSED ABSENCES DUE TO TRUANCY OR SKIPPING CLASS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO MAKE UP WORK FOR CREDIT.
Make-up Work
1.      It is your responsibility to obtain the make-up assignments. Assignments are posted at my webpage and in my classroom.
2.     Work, which was assigned prior to your absence, is due the day of your return.
3.     Many in-class activities cannot be made up. Before make-up work is accepted, the absence(s) must be excused.
1.   Please show all passes from guidance office, etc., to me at the beginning of the class period.  If we are testing or we have a speaker, alternative arrangements may be required.  Attendance is essential for your success in this class.
2.    If you need to leave the class for any reason (bathroom, drink, etc.), you must obtain permission from me.  Do not ask if we are in the middle of a lecture, a presentation or a class participation activity. Please remain in your seat at the end of class until the bell has rung.  Anyone leaving before the bell has rung will be marked absent.
3.    Respect for peers, teachers, and equipment is expected.
4.     No food or pop/juice are allowed in the computer lab. Water is acceptable. Items will be confiscated and thrown away if this is not followed.
Parent(s), I would like to have your e-mail address(es) as a means of communicating your child’s performance in this class.    Students: I have read and understand the information relating to Digital Literacy and agree to all its expectations and guidelines.
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Parent/Guardian Name__________________________________
Parent Email address ___________________________________

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