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AR Book Project Sheet


6th Grade ELA Reading Projects

One Project will be due each nine weeks. Date will be assigned

by individual teachers.

Choose one of the following projects to reflect your reading of one of the novels you read this past 9 weeks.




1. Character Desk

Pretend you get to take a sneak peek at the desk top of a major character in your book.    Use a sturdy poster board to recreate the desk of the character. -Include at least 5 items on this desk that “characterize” the character. Also include a page of text written by your character-it could be a diary entry about an event in the book or a letter to another character in the book about events they experience.


2. Diorama

In a shoe box, use 3D items to recreate a climatic or favorite scene from the novel. The box must be decorated inside and out. Just throwing a bunch of dolls/toys into a shoebox will not get you full credit!!

**You must attach two good paragraphs to the bottom of the box explaining the action occurring in the scene AND why it is significant to the novel.


3. Comic Strip

For the artistically inclined-Illustrate and write a comic strip showing important scenes from the book.

-The comic strip must be at least 10 strips, and must include dialogue.  The final product must be in color. It needs to be displayed on a medium to large sized piece of poster board. Stick figures and other lame drawings will not be accepted- again “for the artistically inclined”. 


4. Commercial

Write a commercial promoting the book. Don’t give too much away! Must have at least two visual aids (poster, props, etc-one can be the book) and it must be videotaped. You are basically doing a video review of the book-summarize the book and then try to convince others they need to read the book-think “infomercial”

**Must be 2-4 minutes and ready to use at school. (DVD)


5. Alphabet Book

Make an alphabet book covering topics, characters, symbols, or important words from the book. You must illustrate the word for each letter. Include a short explanation (one to two sentences) of how the word is significant to the book. Books finished in pencil or on notebook paper will not be accepted.


6. Make Music

Make a soundtrack for the book. Include at least 5 songs that have themes or ideas that relate to your novel. You can also try to match a song to the mood of the book of a particular scene of the book. You must include the song lyrics and a paragraph per song explaining why you chose a particular song. It is not necessary that you make a tape of CD, but it would help in the presentation of you project.


7. Get Dramatic

Write a script and act out a climatic scene in the novel. You may enlist the help of family members or friends-but you must be the writer and the main character of the drama. You must include a short script, explanation of the scene and two of the following: sound, costumes, props, and/or scenery. You may film the scene or bring it to class.

*You can also film a “talk show” style scene, in which you set up an interview and talk show with several characters from the book. You have to write a script for the show and make sure your characters are staying true to their character when they are being interviewed.

NOTE: If you film, you must provide all cords, adaptors, etc. It must be able to be viewed by the whole class.


8. Go Techno

Make a web page for your novel. Include at least 5 graphics, a brief summary of the novel, links to related websites, author information, and you critique of the novel. You can use a free site like Geocities to create this page. This page must be posted to the web, so that I can log on to the Internet to view it!!!



Write a newspaper for the town in which your book is set. Include at least 3 articles (hard news stories) that cover plot highlights of the book. Also include at least 2 advertisements (something related to the story) and 2 pictures with captions (clipart/magazine pictures are fine).   It should be laid out like a newspaper-with a catchy title. All articles/advertisements need to written NEATLY or typed. You may also use software like Microsoft Publisher for this.


10. Cereal Box Books

Use an old cereal box to create a new cereal theme for your book. (Ex: “Harry Potter’s Magical Fruity Loops” – I know that’s lame, but give me a break!! Completely cover the cereal box. It must be neatly and vibrantly decorated.  To receive a decent grade, you must complete each activity for Front, Back, Side A, and Side B exactly as stated!!! 

Front: “Title Page” --Include pictures of the cereal design (example: tomahawks for Indian Captive) and decorate accordingly.

The Back: Information about the novel- summarize the main points of the plot

Side A Ingredients: A list of characters and characteristics of the novel (10% enjoyment, 5% difficulty of understanding the author, etc.-Remember your math-it must all add up to 100%!!)

Side B Ingredients: Author information-this must be researched, your personal critique of the novel, etc.


11. Google Chrome Project

A new addition this year!! J With each student having a Chromebook, students may complete a presentation using Google Slides. This presentation needs to have a minimum of 5 slides that include:

            1. Title/Author/Author Information

            2. List of Characters

            3. Summary of the book

            4. Critique of the book

            5. 3 pictures or visuals

            6. Characteristics of the book (25% suspense, 15% romance, etc. This is similar to the cereal box setup)


12. Accelerated Reader Test

 One time each year you may chose to take the AR test instead of completing a project. You do not have to, but you can.


*** Other project ideas are welcome. Be sure to discuss your idea with your teacher before completing it.

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