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  1. Social Studies Vocabulary

    Week 11

    1. French and Indian War: War fought between the French and Britain over the Ohio River Valley. As a result, Britain was left with large amounts of debt.
    2. Proclamation of 1763: Declared that because of Native American attacks in the Ohio River Valley, the colonists could not move west past the Appalachian Mountains.
    3. Quartering Act: required colonists to provide quarters (housing), food, fuel, and transportation to British soldiers. This caused tension between colonists and soldiers.
    4. Stamp Act: a tax on printed paper. Colonists were upset because they were being taxed without representation.   
    5. Stamp Act Congress: Colonists sent delegates to this meeting in New York. They protested until Parliament repealed the law.
    6. The Boston Massacre: conflict between soldiers and colonists as a result of growing tensions. Word of the massacre spread through the colonies and colonists began to set up informal Committees of Correspondence. Parliament repealed all taxes except the tax on Tea.
    7. Boston Tea Party: Colonist boycotted the tax on tea. They threw tea into the Boston Harbor.
    8. Intolerable Acts: As a result of the Boston Tea Party, Parliament passed the Coercive Acts. Colonists called them the Intolerable Acts.
    9. Boston Port Act: Part of the Intolerable Acts, this law closed the Boston Harbor. This meant there were no imports and exports into Boston
     First Continental Congress: Delegates from every colony met to discuss their complaints about Great Britain. They decided to fight against the Intolerable Acts.

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