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Social Studies Vocabulary

Week 7

Our vocabulary quiz will be October 27th 

  1. colonial regions- British colonies in American that have similar economies, geography, climate, and government.
  2. indentured servants- Individuals who agreed to work for a period of time in exchange for free passage from Europe.
  3. assembly – a group of government officials who meet to make laws.
  4. democratic- A type of government in which the people are involved, or take part.
  5. Puritans: Religious group who wanted to reform the Church of England to make it more pure.
  6. Quakers: Religious group who settled in Pennsylvania. They were opposed to war, beliefs and ceremonies of other churches, and slavery.
  7. William Penn: An English Quaker who was jailed several times for his beliefs, cooperated with Native Americans, and founded Pennsylvania as a safe place for Quakers.
  8. Cecilius Calvert: A English nobleman who founded Maryland in hopes to make money, and provide a safe place for Catholics to practice their religion.
  9. debtor: A person who owes money, or debts.
  10. plantations- large farms where cash crops are grown

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