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8th Grade Algebra Syllabus

8th Grade Math Syllabus

Mrs. Ashlyn Richards

Room 504



Course Materials:

Three ring binder (1 inch)
Notebook paper

Course Content:

This course will teach the 8th grade mathematics national common core standards AND the Algebra 1 national common core standards. This year students will be responsible for learning concepts in the strands of the number system, expressions and equations, functions, geometry, statistics and probability for 8th grade. For Algebra 1, students will be learning the concepts of seeing structure in expressions, arithmetic with polynomials and rational expressions, creating equations, and reasoning with equations and inequalities.

Standards-Based Grading System:

Students will be graded strictly by mastery of the standards. In the grade book a student may receive a 1, 2, or 3. A score of 1 indicates a child has not mastered the standard and may need assistance, as well as, to complete separate assignments, practices, or retakes in order to demonstrate mastery. A score of 2 indicates a child is progressing on the standard but still does not have complete mastery. A score of 3 indicates the child has mastered the standard and will proceed. A score of 1 or 2 on any standard can be improved at any time during the nine-week period.

1 = 33.3% 2 = 66.7% 3 = 100%

Note: Because the content in mathematics develops throughout the nine weeks, all retakes must be completed by the end of each quarter. 


Student grades will be broken down into two categories:

75% of Quarter Grade: Achievement of Learning Targets demonstrated on unit tests

25% of Quarter Grade: Bellwork, Homework, Participation, In-Class Assignments, etc.


Students will be required to keep a binder for math class. Students should keep all math notes, handouts, returned work, etc in their own binder in chronological order. Binders will be checked every 9 weeks for a grade. Student’s binder grades will be determined based on content found in the binder as determined by the teacher.


Homework will be on an as needed basis. Students must complete EVERY problem and show their work to receive credit. Homework will be collected during class when the teacher asks for it during that class. Students are not permitted to go to lockers or bring homework after class.

Late Work:

All assignments MUST be turned in on their due date. LATE WORK IS NOT ACCEPTED FOR CREDIT. However, it is important to use the work as practice for content and should be completed regardless of the grade.

Make-Up Work:

Homework and Daily Assignments: In the case of an excused absence, refer to the make-up folders

for your work. One day for each day missed will be allotted for make-up work; anything turned in past the allotted time will be considered late.

Exams: In the case of an excused absence on an exam day, the exam will be made up before, after, or during school on a specified date that you will arrange with me. If you know in advance when you will be absent, I can arrange a time for you to take the exam early.

Classroom Expectations:

Be Respectful!

Understand that we are all different; it is important to be kind and respectful to students, teachers, and YOURSELF.

Be Responsible!

It is necessary to keep track of our own belongings and our own choices.

Be Ready!

It is important to come on time and prepared for class every day.

Course Information: Remind App
Go to www.rmd.at/richmath2 and follow instructions. (for email notifications or smartphones)

Text @richmath2 to 81010 (for text notifications)

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