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Welcome to 3rd Grade

Welcome to 3rd Grade

August 8, 2016

Dear Third Grade Families,

     I am excited about our upcoming year together!  I am delighted to have your child as a third grade student. This year will be an exciting learning experience for your child. I will start by sharing a tentative schedule with you.  This will give you an idea of what your child’s daily routine will be during their time at school.  There may be a few changes to the schedule once we get started, but I will send a revised schedule if needed.


7:15-7:30- Arrival, Breakfast, Morning Work

7:30-9:30- Reading, Grammar, Spelling (Snack @ 9:15)

9:35-10:35- Activity (Day 1: STEM Lab, Day 2: Library, Day 3: Music, Day 4: P.E., Day 5: Art)

10:35-10:55- Writing, AR

10:55-11:20- Lunch

11:20-11:30- Read Aloud

11:30-12:45- Math, and Math Simple Solutions

12:45-1:35- Science/Social Studies

1:40-2:00- Recess

2:00- 2:30- Cursive Handwriting, Agenda, & Dismissal

Agenda Books and Homework:

 Students will need to keep track of daily assignments in their Agenda Book. We will take time during the day to write in all assignments and announcements. It is important that you review and sign your child’s agenda book each evening.  This allows you to see class announcements and homework assignments.  The agenda book is also a great way for you as a parent to communicate with me. The agenda also helps the students learn to be responsible and accountable for their work.  Taking responsibility and becoming accountable are two very important skills that we will work on during third grade.  Students will also have a Take Home Folder (yellow). This folder should be used daily along with the agenda to return homework assignments, make-up work, etc.  It is a great took to assist students with being organized.

Homework Policy:

  • Reading: Students must read 20 minutes a night from a book of their choosing. Once Accelerated Reader gets started this is a wonderful opportunity for them to read and earn points. I encourage them to take home books from the classroom to read and return the next day to take a test. If they do not finish their reading assignments in class they may have work to complete at home.
  • Spelling: Your child may have a spelling assignment a couple a nights per week.  The assignments vary from spelling sheets, ABC order, Make a sentence and etc.  They will have an opportunity to work on the assignment at school.  If they complete the assignment at school they will just need to review/study their words for that evening.
  • Math: Math will be on an individual basis.  If they do not complete the class assignment for the day they will have homework.  I also assign math homework 2 to 3 times a week.  If I see that your child is having difficulty with a certain concept I may send extra practice for them in the area of concern.  Knowing their addition and subtraction facts is key for students being successful in third grade math and beyond. We will be taking fact tests each week to help build addition and subtraction fact fluency. It is important that they master both before moving on to Multiplication.
  • Science and Social Studies, Language Arts and Writing: These subjects will be on an as needed basis.


I use the HOW I ACT plan for behavior management in our classroom. I have found this plan helps students be accountable for their actions on a daily basis and helps improve personal responsibility.  The behavior chart will be used in class all day as well as activity and lunch.  They start each day with a clean slate and a small treat/reward will be given to those with zero marks at the end of each week.                                                                   

The students receive a mark for not being courteous, honest, involved etc.  For each mark there is a consequence.

          Warning: A reminder from me to think before they act. (No mark given)

          One Mark: Given with 2nd warning.

          Two Marks: Student loses 5 minutes of recess

          Three Marks: Student loses 10 minutes of recess

          Four Marks: Student loses all of recess (note home)

          Five Marks: Referral to office

**** For any extreme behaviors such as fighting, stealing, physical aggression or vandalism your child will immediately be referred to the office or intervention room.  The intervention room will be set up this year for behaviors unbecoming of an elementary student. 

I appreciate your help in reminding your child of this behavior policy and reinforcing good behavior at home. I want your child to get the most out of their time with me and good behavior not only helps your child but all of the children in our class.


Attendance: Please review the attendance policy in the handbook.


Water Bottles and Snacks:

The students are allowed to have water bottles with them.  Please do not send sports drinks, kool-aid, or soda (Flavored water is fine).  We will have opportunities during the year to have these special treats. We will have snack at 9:15. Please only send one item for snack.  They really do not have time to eat more than one snack.


Thank you for reading this far. I know it is a lot of information at one time. I look forward to an exciting year with your child. If you should have any questions or concerns as our year progresses please do not hesitate to contact me. I want your child to have a great year!




                                                                                                                    Mrs. Gay





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