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Course syllabus

English III Course Description

Mrs. Brewer



Welcome to English III!  I look forward to watching as you reach goals necessary for course completion.  Below you will find items needed in order for you to be successful in the classroom.  You will gain a better understanding of what is expected from you throughout the semester by reading carefully.



Required Materials

  1. Three ring binder (binder to put folders and loose leaf paper in)
  2. dividers
  3. Paper (no spiral edges)
  4. Pen
  5. Pencil
  6. highlighters



You should act according to the district wide discipline code and in accordance to mine! Some things to keep in mind:


1.      Mute cell phones

      -Cell Phones should be turned off and invisible during the class period.  The cell phone should not become a distraction from class time. If it is a problem, then it will become a discipline issue.


2.      No food or drink, except water

-You may drink bottled of water in the classroom. If a spill occurs, please clean it up immediately and inform the teacher.

                  -No other food or beverage is permitted without a doctor’s note.


3.      Arrive to class on time & ready to learn

                  -When the bell rings, you need to be sitting in your assigned seat. 

      -You should immediately begin working on the bell work without being prompted.

                  -Be “physically” and “mentally” present in the classroom


4.      Never line up at the door before dismissal

-Please remain in your seat until I have dismissed you.  Never line up at the door before dismissal.  Remember, I dismiss you, not the bell.


5.      Do not cheat, plagiarize, or copy work

-Cheating is completely unacceptable.  If I see you cheating on any assignment… even for another class… I will give you a zero and report the incident to the other teacher as well as your assistant principal and parents. 

-Plagiarism (copying work from another source without giving proper credit) is completely unacceptable.  If you plagiarize on any assignment you will earn a “0” on that assignment with no opportunity to re-do the work for credit. 


6.      Use polite and appropriate language

      -Offensive, derogatory, and profane terms are not tolerated.  In order to have a safe classroom environment where all students feel comfortable, no put downs, swear words, or slang words with demeaning connotations will be accepted.  Remember, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all!


7.      Do your best work & turn it in on time

            -Remember that the work that you turn-in is a reflection of your effort on the assignment.  Think about the following expectations when you are preparing an assignment that I will review:

-Write your full name and hour on all assignments.

-All work must be neatly done and legible in order to receive credit. If you print, capitalize properly (do not write using all capital letters).

-Never turn any assignments in with the "fringes" from spiral notebooks.  Likewise, assignments that are bunched up, crinkled, illegible, sloppy, or contain stains or holes are unacceptable.

-If we do an assignment during class and you don’t work during the class period to complete/attempt it, you will not be allowed to turn that assignment in at a later time.

I will make any additions to this list at any time!



When students fail to meet the above expectations they will be faced with one or more of the following consequences (severe infractions may resulting in the skipping of a consequence):

  1. receive a verbal warning,
  2. student/teacher discussion and parent contact made, 30 minute D-hall
  3. student/teacher discussion and parent contact made, 60 minute D-hall
  4. discipline referral to principal and/or assistant principal and any ASP,  ASD time as assigned,
  5. participate in a meeting with administrator, your guardian, you, and Mrs. Brewer.




These are some policies that will greatly affect your grade, so you should pay attention to them and adhere to them.  No exceptions will be made.


  1. Late work will only be accepted if you were absent. You will only have 2 days to complete it once you return to school.
  2. Your name should be on anything turned in.  No name = No points.
  3. If you are caught cheating or plagiarizing, you will receive a 0 for the assignment.
  4. Do Not ask me for Free Days. 
  5. If you come to my class unprepared, you will receive a verbal warning. If it happens multiple times, it will become a discipline issue.
  6. Students are responsible for any project or assignment that was assigned prior to the absence.  The work is due the day the student returns to class.  If a student is absent the day before a test but present when the study guide was given, the student is responsible for taking the test when he/she returns.
  7. Any student in ASP is responsible for any long-term assignments due that day.  They must turn them into the ASP teacher.
  8. It is your responsibility to keep up with work that you have or have not turned in.  Do not ask me what you are missing. Follow the procedures detailed below when determining what needs to be made up. I will take time throughout the year to let you know if you are missing anything.
  9. Your binder must be neat and organized.  Your binder grade will be a significant portion of each grading period and it is imperative that you keep it in good condition.



What I Will Expect From You/Classroom Routines


  1. Each day you are expected to come into the classroom and immediately begin your bellwork.  Bellwork will be graded randomly and without notice. It is not something that you will have to make up if you were absent.  Bellwork will be handed in after we complete and discuss it. You cannot turn in bellwork at any other time.


  1. We will spend some time enhancing your vocabulary knowledge and grammar skills.  There will be tests, quizzes and assignments related to this.


  1. You will be given homework and failure to attempt to complete it will result in a 0 on that assignment.



  1. We will read and discuss literature in class and do various related assignments.


  1. CELL PHONES!!! When you walk into my classroom, you need to turn your phone on silent and keep it out of sight. If you need to make an important call, you must ask permission. If we are using phones for instructional purposes, you may have your phone on your desk. That is the only exception to the rule.


  1. Pick up after yourself before you leave. Take all of your belongings, pick up any scrap papers around you, and put your desk back in line before you leave each day.


  1. Get missed work from absent bin, talk to your study buddy, then ask the teacher. What we do in class each day will be available for you to access through the google classroom. Also, I will document what we do on a calendar that you can access at your convenience.  Please do not approach me and ask what you missed until you have looked through each of these things first. 


  1. Attendance is essential for optimal learning. Being on time and present in class physically and mentally will be part of your overall grade. You may not be excused from my class by another teacher without first seeking my permission. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to obtain any missed classwork.  Begin by looking for missed handouts in the ABSENT bin pertaining to your class hour.  Then ask another student (your study buddy) what you missed. Next, check the calendar. Follow-up with the teacher if necessary.  Make arrangements to take quizzes and tests immediately. It is your responsibility to make these arrangements, I will not and cannot track you down. If you do not make-up quizzes in a timely manner (before graded quizzes are returned to the students who were present), you will earn a “zero” on the quiz or test. 


  1. Chromebooks!!! A variety of assignments will be posted on your Google Class. If you are absent, you will be expected to sign in to the class and check for missing assignments! You will also be expected to complete them. Your Chromebooks must be charged and ready to use when you walk through the door. If they are not charged and ready to use, you will need to complete the assignment on loose leaf paper and convert to electronic format during your time.


  1. NTI days!!! You will receive your instruction via the Chromebook. If you do not have Wi Fi, you will be given a “blizzard packet.”  I will be at school on NTI days and you can contact me, using your Chromebook, if you have questions about the assignment. If you do not have Wi Fi, you will have 7 calendar days to complete the work.






  1. BINDER: Your binder will have 5 sections:


1) Notes

2) Vocabulary

3) Reading Logs

4) I CAN (target logs)



  1. If you happen to complete an assignment before the majority of the classroom completes it, you must utilize any spare time for maintaining your binder. Begin by logging the standards/I CAN’s that we covered that day. Then you may move on to Reading logs. If your binder is completely up-to-date, you may read current events online.  Don’t ever pack up your things with time left on the clock. We ALWAYS have assignments to complete.


  1. If there is an interruption during class time-phone call, visitor, etc.-you will continue on with the lesson we were working through at the time just before the interruption. If the classroom environment dissolves into chaos, there will be a blanket repercussion.  You can avoid this by politely reminding your classmates to stay on task.


  1. If you need supplies, there will be a designated student center that provides you with all of the things necessary (other than your binder) to help you complete your activities from the beginning of class to the end of class. Items provided in this area are things like a stapler, pencils, paper clips, loose leaf paper, hole puncher, etc. Please do not disturb the classroom processes because you aren’t completely prepared for the day’s activities. Also, please do not make it a habit coming to class unprepared.


Grading Policy

            All standards will be taught concurrently throughout the year.  We will utilize various types of assignments—in-class work, multiple choice tests & quizzes, homework, writing exercises, etc.—to measure student progress throughout the grading period.


All assignments (point value will vary) will be graded on a 100 point scale:


90-100 = A

80-89 = B

70-79 = C

60-69 = D

0-59 = F



To:  Parents/Guardians of Students in English III


From:  Mrs. Brewer


Dear Guardian,


I would like to be certain that you have read and understood the course description.  If there are any questions that you may have now or at any time during the semester, please feel free to contact me via email or telephone (Gretchen.brewer@montgomery.kyschools.us). 


I look forward to working with you and your child during the semester.  I hope that we can work together and achieve the goals that I have for your child.


Please sign below (and give any contact information that you would like me to have) to indicate that you have read the course description. 




Gretchen Brewer




Name of student

_______________________________            _____________

Parent/Guardian Signature                                Date








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