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Important Info About Our Class

Appropriate behavior is necessary so that all students can learn. Even in Kindergarten, children need to learn the importance of accepting responsibility for their actions. We will begin our class discipline plan the first day of school. I will go over the plan with the students and it will help if you discuss the plan with your child too. We have a few simple rules in our class:

We will listen when someone else is talking.
We will follow directions.
We will use good manners.
We will cooperate with others.
We will show respect for others.

Behavior has consequences and rewards. We will use the clipchart to track student behavior.

Everyday, all students will begin on green. Students will have the opportunity to "clip up" by demonstrating positive behavior or exceeding classroom rules. The first time a student breaks a classroom/school rule, they will be given a verbal warning. The next time a student breaks a rule, they will be asked to "clip down." Clipping up and down can result in different consequesnces/rewards:

Purple- Student had an excellent day and was able to clip up at least twice. *Teacher Choice Reward*

Blue- Student made a good decision and was able to clip up at least once. *Teacher Choice Reward*

Green- All students will start their day on green. The goal is for everyone to stay on green or above!

Yellow- This comes after a warning. No recess lost. 

Orange- Student was warned but continued to make a bad decision. *5 minutes of recess will be spend walking instead of playing*

Red- Student continued to make bad decisions. *10 minutes of recess will be spent walking* 


At the end of each day, your child will color a circle in his/her agenda book corresponding to what color their clip was on that day. A circle colored green means that the child stayed on green for the day. If the child is on yellow, the circle will be colored yellow, etc. This would be an excellent time for you to ask your child about their day and have them explain why they got the purple, blue, yellow, orange or red clip. Please initial the agenda book nightly and return it to school in your child's backpack for us to check. Doing this daily will keep you better informed of your child’s behavior while at school. Students will earn a small treat on Fridays for having their agenda book initialed each night.  I ask that you leave all of the pages intact in the agenda all year as students will get prizes at random times throughout the year as well. This is an excellent form of communication between school and home. If you have any questions about the discipline plan feel free to call me.



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