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Electricity Practice Test

Electricity Practice Test




Multiple Choice:


  1. When the lights in a room are ON, the circuit is
    1. off
    2. closed
    3. open
    4. on


  1. Which of the following is a “DON”T” in electrical safety?
    1. Don’t plug in a cord that is frayed
    2. Don’t forget to plug in the hairdryer while in the bathtub
    3. Don’t tell others about tips for electrical safety
    4. Don’t tell your friends to stay away from high voltage


3.  What device will open and close a circuit easily?

a. battery

b. fuse

c.  switch

d.  light bulb


Short Answer:


  1.  List 2 forms of electricity:



 5.  a.  If I rub a balloon against wool and place it next to another balloon, what will happen? ______________________________________________________



b. If I rub BOTH balloons with the wool and put them next to each other, what will happen?



c.  What kind of electricity happened in questions a and b?_________


d.  Explain WHY this electricity occurs: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Fill in the blank with words from the word box.


pole                     series                  electromagnet    conductor


circuit                   static                    parallel                 magnetic field





  1. An _______________ is a temporary magnet that is caused by wire wrapped around an iron core.
  2.  Every magnet has two of these; a North and a South _______.
  3. A _______________ is the path along which an electric current can move.
  4. A ______________ circuit only has one path and if it becomes disconnected in any way; the electricity will not flow.
  5. A ____________is a material that will NOT allow electricity to flow through it.
  6. A material that allows electricity to flow through it easily is a _________________.


  1. The ____________ is the area of magnetic force around a magnet.  It is invisible and it attracts objects through it.  


  1. ____________ is a type of electricity that allows charges to build up on a surface.


  1. If you take one light bulb out, the other light bulbs will still be lit in a ______________ circuit.







Short Answer:    


15.  What kind of circuit would be better for the sets of holiday lights that you are planning to hang around the roof of your house and to decorate the trees in your front yard?  EXPLAIN your answer. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


16.  Before Brice plugged in her study lamp Thursday night, she noticed that the insulation on the cord was worn out and wires were showing through.  What should Brice do? EXPLAIN your answer.



17.  EXPLAIN why most electrical cords or wires, including the ones that we worked with in class, are coated with a layer of plastic. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________










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