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Electricity Vocab.

Electricity Study Guide


  • A Closed circuit is one that allows electricity to flow through- there are no gaps or breaks in the electric current; an example would be when you flip the switch in your bedroom and the light comes on.
  • An Open circuit is one in which there is a gap somewhere and the electric current cannot flow in a complete path.  There could be a wire that is not connected somewhere, keeping the circuit from being complete.
  • Static electricity is a type of electricity that is a build up of electrical  charges on a surface.
  • Positive and negative charges-  in our experiment using balloons to create static electricity we discovered that positive charges repel positive charges and negative charges repel negative charges.  The only charges that attract are opposite charges.  
  •  Conductors are materials that allow electricity to flow through them.
  • Insulators are materials that will NOT allow electricity to pass through them.
  • Electromagnets are temporary magnets that are made when a current passes through a wire wrapped around an iron core.


If you haven’t already done so, please memorize these important science terms.  The quiz will be coming up this week. Happy Studying!!!!

                                                                   Mrs. Miller




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