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Heat Energy & Transfer Vocab.

Heat Energy & Transfer Vocabulary List


  1. Heat- the flow of thermal energy from one object to another.  Heat always moves from warmer objects to cooler objects.
  2. Conduction- the transfer of energy between two objects that are touching (p. 532) Example:  The metal pan gets hot because it is touching the burner.
  3. Convection- the transfer of energy by flowing gases or liquid, such as rising of warm air from a heater (p. 532) Example:  The upstairs in your house is warmer than the downstairs in your house.
  4. Radiation- the transfer of energy through space (p. 532) Example:  Sun’s energy is transferred through space by radiation.
  5. Insulators- do not transfer heat very well. Example:  Fat is an insulator that mammals have to keep their body warm.  Wool mittens are insulators for your hands.
  6. Conductors- transfer heat easily. Example: A copper kettle is a good conductor for hot liquids. 
  7. Thermometer- a tool used to measure temperature using Fahrenheit or Celsius. 

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