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Body Systems Practice Quiz for Studying

Body Systems Practice Quiz for Studying


Directions: Write the letter for the correct definition next to each word.

1. brain                                                                     a. substances the body can use

2. stomach                                                               b. an organ that controls the nervous system

3. nutrients                                                               c. a tube-like organ that pushes food from your mouth to your stomach

4. nerves                                                                  d. the bones in your head which protect your brain

5. skull                                                                      e. an organ that contracts and relaxes to cause movement

6. trachea                                                                 f. an organ that pumps blood

7. bronchi                                                                 g. two tubes that carry air from the trachea to the lungs

8. veins                                                                    h. a body system that enables your body to move

9. muscle                                                                  i. supports your body, protects your organs, and helps you move

10. heart                                                                   j. your backbone, made up of small bones that protect your spinal cord

11. arteries                                                               k. an organ that carries air into the lungs

12. spine                                                                   l. blood vessels that carry blood toward the heart

13. skeletal system                                                  m. a muscle beneath your lungs that makes breathing possible

14. muscular system                                                n. coordinates all your body’s activities

15. capillaries                                                           o. an organ that churns and mixes digestive juices with food

16. lungs                                                                  p. bundles of fibers that carry messages

17. diaphragm                                                         q. tube-like organs below the stomach

18. nervous system                                                 r. organs that allow oxygen to pass into your body

19. esophagus                                                        s. tiny blood vessels that carry blood to the tissues

20. intestines                                                           t. blood vessels that carry blood from the heart to the tissues

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