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Body Systems Vocabulary

Body Systems Vocabulary

  1. Brain- an organ that controls the nervous system
  2. Stomach- an organ that churns and mixes digestive juices with food
  3. Nutrients- substances that the body can use; we get them from food/drink
  4. Nerves- bundles of fibers that carry messages throughout the body
  5. Skull- the bones in your head that protect your brain
  6. Trachea- an organ that carries air to your lungs
  7. Veins- tubes that carry blood to your heart
  8. Muscle- an organ that contracts and relaxes to cause movement
  9. Heart- an organ that pumps blood
  10. Arteries- tubes that carry blood away from your heart
  11. Spine(vertebrate)- your backbone, made up of small bones that protect your spinal cord
  12.  Lungs- organs that allow oxygen to pass into your body
  13. Esophagus- a tube-like organ that pushes food from your mouth to your stomach.
  14. Intestines- tube-like organs below the stomach
  15. Skeletal system- supports your body, protects your organs, and helps you move
  16. Muscular system- a body system that enables your body to move
  17. Nervous system- coordinates all of your body’s activities; the master control system of the body.
  18. Respiratory system- a body system that brings oxygen to the blood and removes waste, like carbon dioxide, from the blood.
  19. Circulatory system- a body system that moves blood through the body
  20. Excretory system- a body system that gets rid of the body’s waste
  21. Digestive system- a body system that breaks down the food you eat.



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