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Living Organisms Vocabulary Study Guide 1B

Living Organisms                                          Vocabulary List Unit 1B


Make sure you know the definitions for the following words: 




  • Cell- the smallest unit of all living matter.
  • Organism-a living thing that carries out 5 basic life functions.
  • Vertebrate- an animal with a backbone. Ex.  human, bird, fish.
  • Invertebrate- an animal without a backbone. Ex. sponge, mollusk (snail), jellyfish, worm.
  • Exoskeleton- hard covering that protects the body of some invertebrates. Ex. crab, spider, shrimp.
  • Life cycle- stages an organism goes through beginning with egg and ending in death.
  • Offspring- children of living organisms.  Ex. You are the offspring of your parents.
  • Molt- when an organism sheds it’s outer covering. Ex. crab, snake, etc…
  • Metamorphosis- a series of changing body forms during an animal’s development. Ex. the stages a butterfly goes through.
  • Heredity- traits are passed down from a parent to a child. Ex. passing down the same color eyes or hair.
  • Mimicry- an adaptation in which one animal looks like another animal in order to protect itself from predators. Ex.  honeybee and hover fly.
  • Camouflage- an adaptation in which an animal can hide by blending in with its environment. Ex. spotted leopard sitting on brown rock.
  • Hibernate- to rest or sleep through the cold winter. Ex. bear, door mouse.
  • Migrate- to move from one place to another. Ex. birds flying south for the winter.
  • Habitat- the home of any organism. Ex. a pond is a habitat for fish, frogs, plants, etc…
  • Predator- carnivore that hunts for food. Ex.  Eagle
  • Prey- the organism that is being hunted and eaten. Ex. Mouse
  • External- on the outside of the body of a living organism
  • Internal- on the inside of the body of a living organism
  • Benefit (beneficial)- helpful; helps the organism or the environment
  • Harm (harmful)- hurtful; hurts the organism or the environment


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