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Structure & Function Plants

chlorophyll- a material in green plants that can turn water, air, and sunlight into food

photosynthesis- the process by which chlorophyll in plant cells transforms sunlight, water, air and nutrients into food

pollination- the transfer of pollen from flower to flower for the purpose of fertilizing a plant

seedling- a young, developing plant that has grown from a seed

***stamen- male part of the flower where the pollen is made

****anther- male part of the flower that produces the pollen

(you really only need to know that there is a male part of the flower that has pollen on it)

****pistil- the female part of the flower, where the seeds begin to grow

(you really only need to know that there is female part of the flower that produces the seed, when a tiny bit of pollen travels down the tube to fertilize it)

germination- the process of beginning to grow from a seed and develops a shoot

sprout- to come out of the seed and begin to grow

cell wall- the firm outside covering of a plant cell; straight lines around the edges

cell membrane- the outside covering of an animal cell; an irregular shape, blotchy, blob

transpiration- the process of giving off water vapor through tiny openings in the leaves and other plant parts

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