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Structure & Function Vocabulary

Week One Vocabulary List                                                                                                                          Science

Living Organisms

  1.  infer/inference- to read between the lines; to understand something that’s NOT clearly stated.
  2. cell- the smallest unit of all living matter. (p.22)
  3. Living organism- a living thing that must carry out all 5 life functions on its own. (p.22)
  4. reproduce/reproduction- the making of offspring (p.62)
  5. offspring- the young of living organisms (p.22)
  6. seed- an underdeveloped  plant with stored food sealed in a protective covering (p.60)
  7. root- the part of a plant that takes in water & nutrients from the soil. It also anchors the plant in the ground. (p.49)
  8. stem- the part of the plant that holds the plant up and carries food, water, and other materials to & from the roots and leaves. (p.49)
  9. germinate/germination- when something begins to grow, as when a seed sprouts into a new plant. (p.64)
  10. life cycle- the stages of growth and change that an organism goes through from the beginning of life through death. (p.65)
  11. structure- the parts of a living organism
  12. function- the job or role of a particular part of a living organism.

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