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In music, we have a few things that we do in order to make the most of our time together.


  •  We have a favorite saying "You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit." We have some instruments that everybody likes to play. Unfortunately, we usually have limited quantaties of these instruments for students to use during class time. Every attempt is made for students to be able to experiment with the fun instruments we use. However, students know this saying means that we get the instrument we are given for that week, because maybe next week we'll have a new one. Every instrument part is important, and everybody plays an important role.
  • We have DANCE DAY! After the students have five successful days of music, they will get a 15 minute dance party with one of their favorite games- the Freeze Dance!

Music Rules

M- Make good choices
U- Use your good manners.
S- Sing loudly and speak at the right voice level at the right time.
I- Involve yourself- do your best every day!
C- Care for each other- encourage each other

We are using a guitar to gauge our behavior in music this year. It has four sections- all students start on Rockin'. If a class is doing exceptionally well, they'll be moved up to Superstar, and their class will get a trophy to hang outside their classroom door to contribute to the school-wide behavior prizes. When a class needs a little work, another section is Tune Up- which gives the students time to get everything together and figure out what's not working. If things really need improvement, they'll move down to Singing the Blues, at which point their teacher will be told of their behavior and some of the fun activities of music will have to be put off until another time.

Consequences should a rule be broken for an individual:
1. Warning
2. Time Out
3. Strike/Card turned/Stick pulled in the classroom
4. Music Planning Sheet- the student must write (or tell me and I will scribe it) a plan to fix their actions in music class and then take it home to get it signed.
5. Office Visit

Audience Behavior Plan- the 4 A's of the audience
Allow- allow those around you to listen by sitting still and quiet.
Attend- Keep your eyes and ears on the performers.
Appreciate- Notice the skills of the performer and appreciate all the work they have done to put on this performance.
Applaud- Clap to show your thanks at the right time.

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