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Week 1 Vocabulary

Week 1 Vocabulary

  1. Plot- the series of events or episodes that make up a story
  2. Setting- time and place of a story (when and where)
  3. Character- a person or animal who takes part in the action of a literary work
  4. Theme- the message about life that is “hidden” in the story; lesson learned
  5. Conflict- the problem or struggle in a story
  6. Exposition- the beginning of the story; the part of the plot that provides background information about the characters and conflict
  7. Rising action- the part of the plot that adds complications to the problems in the story and increases reader interest
  8. Climax- the most exciting point in the story; the turning point
  9. Falling action- the part of the plot that occurs directly after the climax
  10. Resolution- the final part of the story where the conflict is worked out and settled; it usually answers remaining questions the reader may have about the story
  11. Apparel- clothing that serves as dress or decoration
  12. Besiege- to attack by surrounding with military forces; to cause trouble or worry
  13. Compress- to press together;  to reduce in size or volume; a folded cloth or pad applied to an injury
  14. Denounce- to condemn openly; to accuse formally
  15. Dispatch- to send off or out for a purpose;  an official message
  16. Douse- to plunge into a liquid, drench, to put out quickly
  17. Expressly- plainly, in so many words, for a particular purpose
  18. Famished- suffering severely from hunger or from a lack of something
  19. Forsake- to give up, denounce, to leave, abandon
  20. Gainful- profitable, bringing money in or some special advantage

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