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Technology Ideas and Content

Technology Ideas and Content
With guidance, make reasonable judgments about what to include in written compositions (Audience/ purpose).
Group related ideas. Develop an idea with an introductory sentence, supporting sentence(s), and a concluding sentence (Main ideas). Select and use descriptive words when writing (Description/detail/transitions).
Computer Applications is an integral part of the reading program. Students key and read daily. They keep a vocabulary notebook on line. They practice keying with guidance short answers. They engage in daily keyboarding activities which model reading strategies. Weekly process computer lessons culminate in a fifth week writing lesson in which students select from their writing portfolio a piece to turn into a finished piece. Timed writing is also part of the writing/keyboarding instruction.
Represent all sounds in a word when spelling independently. Spell correctly previously studied words and spelling patterns in own writing (Spelling). Identify and correctly write nouns, verbs, and contractions (Grammar). Correctly use beginning and ending punctuation including the use of periods, exclamation points, question marks and commas (Punctuation). Capitalizes all proper nouns and words at the beginning of sentences and greetings (Capitalization). Form letters correctly and space words and sentences properly so that printing can be read easily by another person (Handwriting/Concepts of Print).
The daily phonics lessons are connected by keying Micro Type Lessons which uses the phonic elements taught and high frequency words. Dictation sentences are part of the 5 day lesson plan for Alphabetic and Numeric Lessons on the computer.
Students are taught the fundamentals of grammar including, proper and common nouns, verbs and the mechanics of grammar including punctuation such as periods, commas, exclamation points, question marks and capitalization. Concepts of Micro Type Lessons are reviewed in the typing script section. Proper Keyboarding Technique is also taught and models are included for all letter forms including cursive which can be introduced at the end of second grading period.

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