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Astronomy Syllabus

Teacher: Leah Manley
                        School Phone: 859-497-8765 ext. 2205
                        E-mail: leah.manley@montgomery.kyschools.us
Course Title: Astronomy                   Credit: 1                    Grade: 11-12            
Prerequisite: Geometry, Chemistry or ICP, Algebra 1
Description: In this course students will study the origin of the universe, the earth’s place in the universe, motion of the planets and stars, astronomical phenomena and the history behind the development of astronomy as a science. Students will gain hands on experiences in astronomy by conducting in-class laboratory experiments and investigations. 
Course Standards: Students will
1.      identify scientific questions and concepts to guide the design of investigations.
2.      design and conduct scientific investigations.
3.      use equipment, tools, techniques, technology, and mathematics to improve investigations.
4.      investigate the motion of the planets and stars.
5.      effectively communicate investigations and their results.
6.      review and analyze investigations of others.
7.      study astronomical phenomena.
8.      study the history of astronomy.
9.      examine the earth’s place in the universe.
Textbook(s) Used: Astronomy Today by Chaisson and McMillan
Materials Required for Class: composition notebook, glue sticks and colored pencils
Method of Grade Calculation: The following types of assessments of varying amounts of points will be used:
1.      tests and projects
2.      quizzes
3.      laboratory investigations
4.      homework
5.      class work
6.      nighttime observations
Homework Policy: Grades will be taken on all homework/classwork assigned. No late homework will be accepted (zero points awarded).
Make-up Work Policy: On the day of return, students must check to see what assignments were missed. If any school work is missed, the student needs to get with the teacher to decide on the due date. If a test or quiz is missed, the student must make that up within one week. When students plan to stay after or come in before school, they must make an appointment with their teacher to arrange for makeup work and dates.  No work may be made up if the absence is unexcused or a suspension.
Class Announcements:  Class announcements, test reminders, due date reminders, etc., will be sent through Remind 101.  To sign up for text and/or email reminders, please text the following to (859) 274-0056:  @mrsmanle .  I encourage both students and parents to join the Remind group for our class.

Technology Policy:  Technology is a wonderful tool that can enhance your educational experience; however, it must be used appropriately and wisely.  Our student handbook technology policies will be upheld in class.  Any cell phones not being used with teacher permission will be taken to the office even if just visible and not in use.  Consequences outlined in the student handbook are as follows:  

  • 1st Offense – Device is confiscated, tagged/ labeled, and turned in to Administrative Office. Device will be returned to student at end of school day.
  • 2nd Offense – Device is confiscated and parent or guardian notified to pick up device.
  • 3rd Offense – Device is confiscated, parent or guardian notified to pick up device, and Friday Night School or ASP.
  • 4th Offense - Device is confiscated, parent or guardian notified to pick up device, and Friday Night School and ASP. Possible Out of School Suspension.

According to the student handbook, any device being used in an inappropriate manner (streaming, gaming, bullying, breaking copyright laws, etc.) will result in the following consequences: 

  • 1st Offense – Warning and/ or 5 Day Suspension of Internet Account
  • 2nd Offense – 15 Day Suspension of Internet Account
  • 3rd Offense – Internet Account Suspended for Remainder of School Year
*Notebook grades will be taken.  It is highly recommended that you keep yours up to date at all times.
I have read and understand this course syllabus.
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