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Idiom of the Week

Idiom of the Week

"Piece of Cake"
Example: That test was a piece of cake.  I made a 100%.
Meaning: very easy

Previous Idioms of the Week

"Pull your leg"
Example:  Don't get mad.  We were only pulling your leg.

Meaning: to tease,joke or fool someone.

"Add fuel to the fire"
Example:  I was already upset, but when my brother forgot to pick me up from school, he added fuel to the fire.

Meaning:  Making a bad situation even worse.

"Bite your tongue"
Example: You should not talk back to your teacher.  You had better bite your tongue.

Meaning:  Take back something that is said; refrain from saying something you shouldn't.

"Bottom line"
Example:  The bottom line is, you must return your homework each morning, if you want to attend the field trip.

Meaning:  The final say; the most important detail

"Dime a Dozen"
Meaning: something is common and inexpensive.
"down the hatch"
lost forever; wasted
Example: After I went shopping, my paycheck went down the hatch.

"busy as a beaver"
to work very hard
Example: My students were busy as beavers when the principal came to visit.

"Sweet Tooth" 
Example: I have a sweet tooth. That's why I can't stay on a diet.

Meaning: a great desire to eat sweet foods.

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