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Mrs. Cord's Behavior Plan


Dear Parents,

                Appropriate behavior is necessary so that all students can learn.  We will begin our class discipline plan the first day of school. We will go over the plan with the students and it will help if you discuss the plan with your child too.  We have a few simple rules in our classes.

  •  We will listen when the speaker is talking.
  • We will keep our hands and feet to ourselves.
  • We will raise our hand and wait to be call.
  • We will treat others the way we want to be treated.  (This is a BIG one)

Behavior has consequences.  We will use the following system:

                Each child will have a clip with his/her name on it.  Each clip will be clipped to a clip chart with purple, blue, green, yellow, and red areas.  Every child begins each day on green.

  • Clip to green – The student has followed the rules.  Students earn a small treat for a week of green clips.
  • Clip to yellow - The student has had a warning, however; the student has continued to break class rules and will spend five minutes in “time out”/walking at recess.
  • Clip to red – The student has continued to misbehave resulting in a loss of recess.  The student will walk during recess and a note will be sent home about the behavior.
  • Several red clips – A conference is needed.  Continued clipping to red will mean the student will need to go to the office.

** There are also blue and purple areas on the clip chart.  These colors are for extraordinary behavior that I see throughout the day and will be rewarded with something from the treasure box as well as a note home to parents explaining the behavior.

** Appropriate behavior following a clip change to yellow or red can result in moving back up on the clip chart.


        Beginning the first day of school, your child will color a square in the agenda book that reflects his/her behavior for that day.  This would be an excellent time for you to ask your child about their day and have them explain why they clipped to that color.  Please sign the agenda nightly and return it to school for us to check.  Doing this daily will keep you better informed of your child’s behavior while at school.  This is an excellent form of communication between school and home.  If you have any questions about the discipline plan, please feel free to call or email us.  Reward your child’s good behavior and please take away privileges for red and multiple yellow clips.

Thank you for your cooperation and support!

                                                                                                      First Grade Teachers

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