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Reading stategies you can do at home.

1.  Read EVERY night with your child.

2.  Help your child create mental images about what you/they have read.  It is critical that students create pictures of what they are reading.  If there are pictures, talk about what you see and what the text is saying.

3.  Talk about the content of the book before you read it.  Many students struggle because they do not have background knowledge about what they are getting ready to read, therefore they do not understand what they are reading.  Help them make connections with what they are reading. 

4.  Asking questions while reading is extremely important; before, during, and after.  All help students monitor their reading and comprehension.  Reading is not simply calling words, but understanding and making meaning of those words.

5.  Drawing conclusions or making inferences; predicting what comes next is another key factor in reading.  Stop when reading and see if your reader can predict what comes next.  An activity that parents can do to help is have students right a poem or tell you a story without an ending and see if you, the parent, can predict what comes next.

6.  Students often struggle with what is important and what is not.  Having students retell a story after it is read is a great way to see if they are understanding the important parts they have read.  An activity that parents can do is place some things in a brown paper bag that are talked about in a story.  Have your child pull out the items and tell whether or not they are important to that story.

7.  There are many "Fix-Up" strategies that you can use to help emergent readers in their comprehendion.  These strategies consist of:  Rereading, Reading Ahead, Drawing Inferences, Making Predictions, Looking Up Words in a Dictionary, Stopping and Thinking, Looking at the Pictures, Getting Your Mouth Ready, Sounding Out Words, Chunking, Using Context Clues to Figure Out Meaning.

 8.  Most impoprtantly; make reading fun and a whole family activity.  Children watch everything you do.  If you are reading with them they will share in that joy and become lifelong readers. 

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